Douglas Little, Alchemist and Founder of Heretic Parfum

Everything that Douglas Little touches turns to magic. With a deeply rooted background in all things naturally wild, and an honest interest in studying the stars (what most would call the art of astrology), Douglas alchemizes elements and concepts into new worlds and exotic fantasies, transcending what it means to conform to the masses. Douglas founded the sexy perfume brand, Heretic, where every day, he dives deeper into the rabbit hole that is all-natural fine fragrance. There is simply nothing else like it out there. Read on to take a trip through Douglas’s world.


What was the journey that you took to Heretic, and to where you are now?

My father was a photographer and my mother was a model, and then a makeup artist. My earliest memory was being three years old and sitting in the dark room with my parents developing photographs. My life always very revolved around that creative process — I’m a Scorpio with a Libra rising. At the age of eight, I was given a gift of a pack of tarot cards, and it ignited something dormant within me that set me off on an astrological path, and I never stopped. Once I understood that there was this incredible, secretive, magical world out there, it opened up all sorts of possibilities in my life.

Photo credit: Lianna Tarantin