Trendsetters at Work: Heretic Parfum

Douglas Little


Ask yourself: When’s the last time you really fell in love with a fragrance? Do you even think twice about what your scent says about you? Can you identify your signature scent? If you’re like the majority, chances are that you have a sad collection of once worn celeb-endorsed fragrances cluttering your vanity.

But, lucky for all of us according to Douglas Little, founder of Heretic Parfum, we’re currently in the midst of a fragrance revolution. To find out how he’s breaking the rules of fragrance with all-natural ingredient lists, non-gender specific scents and so much more, read on.

What was your first job?
I worked as an art director for a large cosmetic company in Woodland Hills, CA. That job sent me traveling all over the globe several times over and honed my skills as an artist, perfumer, marketer and business person.

What is a typical day like for you?
Like being set on fire and launched from a cannon. A typical day consists of early mornings, lots of caffeine and coloring boldly outside the lines.

Tell us about your office/workspace décor.
When I moved to Manhattan I told my realtor to find me the apartment from Rosemary’s Baby. Unfortunately the Dakota was filled up so he found me a spot that’s a stone’s throw from the notorious landmark with a very similar vibe: A pre-war building filled with fantastic 19th century detail. It’s the perfect space to be seduced by fragrance.

Photo credit: Lianna Tarantin